50 Favorite Soundtracks/Scores:

#17: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist


1: After Hours- We Are Scientists

2: Ottoman- Vampire Weekend

3: Middle Management- Bishop Allen

4: Riot Radio- The Dead 60s

5: Our Swords- Band of Horses


One of my favorite songs to sing to myself.


Bishop Allen - Another Wasted Night


Take another picture with your (click click click click) camera.


I’ll always be here for you…
Butterfly Nets
by Bishop Allen

Bishop Allen is made up of Harvard Graduates, Justin Rice and Christian Rudder. However, one of the unique things about Bishop Allen is that they are always collaborating with many other artists. So, you never know quite what you are going to get when you listen to their music. This song, for example, does not feature either of them on the main vocals; shocking, I know. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find out the name of the person providing the perfect vocal performance for this song.

This beautiful little song has a lot of soul packed into 3 minutes and 13 seconds. Just the uniquely soothing instrumental combination of a Ukulele and a saxophone is enough to put you in a peaceful mood filled with feels of love. Then you have that haunting voice singing soft misty lyrics into your soul, and its all you can do to not fall into a blissful dreamland. 

The lyrics are wonderful. One thing that this society is terrible at is understanding the fact that everything is always changing. There is a fear driven need in this world to hold onto everything as it is, good or bad. We do this because we don’t know what will happen if things change, they could get worse than they are now. That is a possibility, but so is things getting better, and if we fight change, things cannot get better. To me, this song is about that subject.

There are two people in the song, one that is stationary, and one that is always moving. The stationary one may stay in one place, which would make them the one that cannot deal with change, but in fact, they are the one that takes life in their stride. The stationary one understands that change will always happen, and has no qualms about the moving one leaving them to find something that they don’t understand. The moving one is always running from something, though they will never quite know what. Occasionally, the moving one might return to the stationary one, and the stationary one will not hesitate to accept them back, embracing their love, however fleeting it might be. The stationary one has no need to search the world for answers because they know that the only real answers are already within them. The moving one feels restless, and feels that there must be something out there, so running and learning, they will find many interesting things, but will always end up returning to the source of pure love, the stationary one. 

Sit yourself down and listen to the love within. Then listen to this song and let your heart flow over the words like a feather on a breeze. Namaste.

Butterfly Nets
by Bishop Allen

calm that wicked wind,
to pick you up
and carry you off eastward,
though i did release you
for to seek a warmer sky

should you be blown back
know that i will always run to greet you,
still surprised to catch you
every time

armed with this small butterfly net
i will face the world alone
& never be lonely

so calm that wicked wind,
& if you go, you could be gone forever
i will play awhile here
by & by & by & by -

armed with this small butterfly net
i will face the world alone
& never be lonely

up & up you go
for to steal the secrets of the heavens
will you share them with me
my bright & brilliant spy?

should you be blown back
know that i will always run to greet you
still surprised to catch you
every time
still surprised to catch you
by & by & by & by -

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I adore your description of the song! The lyrics, meaning, and instrumentals are all so beautiful. 

The lovely vocalist is Darbie Nowatka, Justin Rice’s wife!

She is a member of Bishop Allen, just not one of the core members.


"I can’t believe it is so cold

I should get up before I get old

and then I’ll change my ways

before my ways change me.”


One Song a Day: 131/

The Chinatown Bus | Bishop Allen

And I, I am a passenger tonight
I watch the world from inside

Click, Click, Click, Click - Bishop Allen (cover)


Mutual Appreciation (Andrew Bujalski, 2005)


Bishop Allen - Click, click, click, click


CB 272: Andrew Bujalski’s “Mutual Appreciation,” 2005.


I guess I’ve got a lot to learn.