Tonight in BK, OKCupid co-founder (and Bishop Allen instrumentalist) Christian Rudder shared his findings from Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Looking).


Shadow || Bishop Allen


New review of the recent Bishop Allen show at Johnny Brenda’s! Read it here!


Justin of bishopallen talks influences, beer, and Karl Marx’s dad jokes with popmatters in ‘20 Questions’: http://bit.ly/bishopallen_20q


from deep in the vaults: here are some super tweeeee Bishop Allen lyrics doodled on grade 11 french class work


Well, these ghosts
They will not leave me
They’re the best company
That I’ve ever had

Bishop Allen - Ghosts are good company


Bishop Allen


VOTD: Bishop Allen, “Start Again”

You’re not going to watch a 4-minute music video of Bishop Allen and their friends hula hooping in slow motion, now are you? You are totally going to watch a 4-minute music video of Bishop Allen and their friends hula hooping in slow motion. Now that you know what the video is, nothing you can say will convince me otherwise. Just give the video a peek. Tell me you didn’t watch the whole thing. 

It’s just, it’s so… captivating. It’s so weird, and cute, and fun, and awkward, and artsy, and wow, 4 minutes went by pretty quick. Plus that song, that song was so catchy. I want to hear that song again. And I want to hula hoop. I want to hula hoop to that song. In slow motion. Let me go hula hoop. Do I have a hula hoop? Oh, you know what… I don’t think I even have a hula hoop. Now that I think about it, I’m really bad at hula hooping. I might have even hurt myself hula hooping that one time. Not really sure how I did that. Maybe hula hooping isn’t such a great idea.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to watch the video again. What’s that? They made a hula hoop video for every song on the album, and they get trippier the farther you get along…? Uh oh, there goes my day.

-Dylan Singleton


Hey! We’re playing with the amazing Bishop Allen this Sunday in Dallas! You should come out!


Bishop Allen. Great show!


Bishop Allen - Why I Had To Go

Bishop Allen’s video and new record “Lights Out”, released via Dead Oceans. Video directed by Chad Smith and Justin Rice.

Oh! Good memories. How much I liked to play with that! 


"Why I Had to Go" by Bishop Allen // Lights Out (Out 8.19.14 via Dead Oceans)

It’s been a handful of years since Bishop Allen dropped an album, and thankfully, that came to an end today with the release of their new full length, Lights Out. A few weeks back, the band dropped the lovely, nostalgic pop gem, “Why I Had to Go”. I didn’t get around to writing it up then, but with today’s release, it’s as good a time as any to take a stroll back through the wistful world of folk pop by-way-of synth pop. The band’s frontman, Justin Rice has said that the track is inspired by the feeling he was getting when he would return to New York City after having moved upstate - that feeling of sweet nostalgia that only lasts as long as it takes to remember the reasons that you moved on in the first place. That is certainly a feeling in which I can relate. So, hit play and check out one of the prettier tracks to come down the aisle in months. Highly recommended. 


Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Bishop Allen (NY)
Stephen Konrads and the Eternals
The Dazies

Middle East | Downstairs | Cambridge, MA
$12 | 8pm | 18+

RSVP: here.